The Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova investigates the theft of $12 million on the import of electricity from Ukraine

The General Prosecutor's Office of Moldova opened a criminal case on the embezzlement of public funds using illegal schemes for importing electricity from Ukraine, the Moldovan NewsMaker reports, Evopeyska Pravda writes.

According to the investigation, in early 2008, the management of Energocom, which supplies electricity to Moldova, in collusion with officials from the Ministry of Economy, the National Energy Regulatory Agency and others, including those who live outside the country, implemented a criminal scheme.

According to investigators, they unreasonably increased the purchase price for electricity and appropriated the difference in price. Thus, they caused damage to the state in the amount of $ 11 million 927 thousand.

On June 8, the General Prosecutor's Office of Moldova announced its intention to reopen the investigation into the electricity supply contract concluded between Moldova and Ukraine in 2008.

On May 5, Prosecutor General Alexander Stoyanoglo annulled the refusal of the prosecutor's office for combating organized crime and special cases to initiate a criminal case, adopted in 2017.

On June 7, the Anticorupţie portal announced the decision of the court to reopen the investigation of the contract for the supply of electricity, concluded between Moldova and Ukraine in 2008. The portal noted that a socialist and former president Igor Dodon and former democrat Vladimir Plakhotniuk should appear in this case, since the case was opened on the basis of a journalistic investigation that concerned both politicians.

According to the investigation, in 2008 there was a fraudulent scheme for importing electricity through a shell company in Moldova. According to journalists, former Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanîi took part in the scheme along with Dodon and Plakhotniuk.


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