Electricity imports amounted for less than 1% – Gerus

This was announced by Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Public Utilities Andriy Gerus.

“The total imports (Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Belarus) are about 750 MW.  The total exports (Hungary, Moldova) are 600 MW.  Imports from Russia are 170 MW, which is less than 1% of capacity in the daily maximum of our consumption”, he wrote on Facebook.

He also noted that imports of electricity from Russia are subject to a duty of 2%.

According to him, if the “Ukrainian non-monopolist company” (Centrenergo – ed.) reduces prices by another 5-10 kopecks, then all electricity imports will cease as unprofitable.

Gerus noted that the next step is the demonopolization of Burshtyn Island, where one company controls 95% of the generation, and electricity costs more.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine had resumed electricity imports from Russia and Belarus.

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