Electricity imports in the UESU will be stopped on November 15 – Gerus

Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Public Services Andriy Gerus announced a reduction in the cost of electricity by 20% (1.26 kWh) in the UESU, compared to the beginning of August.

“In the UESU, the price is 1.26 UAH per kWh, this is a 20% decrease compared to the beginning of August. Such trends show that competition, supply and demand factors are really starting to work in the market. It is fair to admit that today's prices are quite low and with the onset of cold weather, they are likely to increase slightly... Dispatchers have been restricting electricity imports to a minimum level for several days, in some hours it is less than 50 MW (with a total consumption of 15.000 – 20.000 MW). I think that from November 15, such imports will drop to zero...”, he wrote in Facebook.

Recall that in September, the Verkhovna Rada allowed electricity imports from Russia and Belarus.

Earlier, Andriy Gerus said that the deficits created by DTEK caused the opening of electricity imports.

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