IAEA inspection checked Rivne NPP

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has completed an inspection at the Rivne NPP to ensure compliance with nuclear non-proliferation guarantees. The inspectors stated that the Ukrainian side fully complied with the fulfilment of international obligations, the press service reports.

During the Post PIV (Physical inventory verification) check, IAEA representatives, with the participation of engineers from the nuclear fuel laboratory of the nuclear safety department of the Rivne NPP, checked the spent nuclear fuel in the spent fuel pool of power unit No.2, installed electronic seals on the reactor cap, floor slabs and the transport channel between the pool holding and reactor of power unit No.2.

“It has been proven that there has been no switch of nuclear materials from peaceful uses to the production of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices. The scheduled IAEA inspection was carried out on time, in full and without any comments,” said Vitalii Shumik, head of the laboratory of the RNPP nuclear safety department.

The IAEA inspectors also checked the nuclear fuel in the fresh nuclear fuel storage of the 1st and 2nd power units for compliance with the declared criteria for the enrichment of U-235 fuel.

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