How are the IPS and renewables working during quarantine in Ukraine?

Countries around the world are introducing restrictive measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. In Ukraine, quarantine was introduced on March 12 and so far is valid until April 24. How does it  affect the electricity consumption in Ukraine, the work of renewables and the work of the integrated power system – read an exclusive commentary by the vice-president of Energy Club Ivan Hryhoruk for Kosatka.Media and find the answers.

1. Consumption.

If you look at the structure of consumption, industrial production stops there and the consumption of electricity by the population increases.

It is difficult to talk about the volume of these changes – the new market does not work transparently, information from Market Operator and Guaranteed Buyer about the structure of electricity consumption is made confidential, as a result, the system operator does not have real information on the balancing market. The new scheme of market relations, practically declared by the Law, does not work — subsidies and cross-subsidization are increasing, and debts are increasing.

In this situation, universal service providers have the opportunity to report on significantly higher consumption by the preferential group and to receive electricity from the guaranteed supplier at a preferential tariff, and to supply it to the industry.

2. The problems of the power system are compounded.

The shortage of maneuvering capacities becomes even more threatening for its sustainability. The operation of hydroelectric power plants is limited by water resources, and there are not enough hydro accumulating capacities.

The whole burden of regulating the balance of production and consumption of electric energy falls to the thermal generation, the norms of coal use increase, the environment worsens.

3. Quarantine is unlikely to affect the operation of renewables.

Renewables operate exclusively in the presence of sun or wind.

But in the conditions of changes in the structure of consumption, they will significantly worsen the work of the power system – the work of wind farms at night will limit the daily work of nuclear units.

Solar energy will do the same in the summer – the need to maintain a minimum load of coal generation to ensure thermal conditions will limit the operation of nuclear power units.

4. The operation of the electricity market.

The amount of cheap energy from nuclear power plants will decrease due to the increase in expensive renewable energy sources. The price for industrial consumers, medium and small businesses, utilities and budgetary institutions will increase, while beneficiaries maintain tariffs for the population.

Among the industries, the most energy-intensive is the metallurgical industry.

According to the forecast, in March 2020, consumption will decrease by 8% compared to March 2019.

Consumption by the population is growing and in March the growth will be about 15% (but we must keep in mind the correctness of information from universal service providers).

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