Tender for privatization “Centerenergo” will be canceled – sources

After consideration the documents the Fund decided to cancel the tender.

The State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) accepted the decision to cancel a tender for privatization “Centerenergo” on December 10 in the evening, reported “Delovaya Stolitsa” with references to the SPFU sources.

According to the source, the reason for such decision was based on incorrectly submitted documents. 

Furthermore, “Neftebitum factory” (Belarus) is suspected by SBU of having a direct relationship with the aggressor country, and therefore could not be admitted.   

Vitaly Kropachev's “Balance-Group” could not prove the origin of the finance to purchase Centrenergo ($ 6 billion).  

The next tender will be announced at the beginning of the next year. The privatization department of the SPFU has not commented on this information yet.  

Also, ex-member of the National Regulatory Commission, the head of the Association of Consumers of Energy and Utilities, Andrei Gerus, shares the information about tender cancellation.   

“The State Property Fund of Ukraine canceled a tender for privatization “Centerenergo”. 4 years of preparation for privatization can be considered completed. And it was naive to suppose that the imitation of reforms could bring results such as real reforms. Therefore, this period of "reforms", as well as the previous one, in the part of privatization will be remembered as the sale of shares of energy companies to Mr. Akhmetov. Our leaders did not manage for something more ambitious.” 

In a commentary on the post, an employee of the Zmiivskaya TPS, which is a part of the “Centerenergo”, expressed his surprise with this message and stated that the company was waiting for the tender on time.  

About the fact that “The Cabinet of Ministers is inclined to cancel the tender for a sale of the largest lot of big privatization of 78.2% of “Centerenergo”, says People’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem.   

“Good news. The Cabinet of Ministers must make a statement on the cancellation of the tender for the sale of 78.2% of the shares of “Centerenergo”. This is another line of conflict between Vladimir Groisman and Petro Poroshenko. “Centerenergo” is the largest lot of big privatization. The company controls 14% of the country's generating capacity and has been under the President circle’s control for a very long time. Details in my telegram channel.” 

The tender for a sale of the state-owned shares of the energy generating company “Centrenergo” will take place on December 13, 2018. Applications for the purchase of shares of the company began on October 29. Five companies were interested in the tender. The starting price of the state-owned fund is 5.9 billion UAH. 

It was reported earlier that the net profit of “Centerenergo” before privatization decreased fourfold

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