Public utility Voda Donbasa was disconnected from the electricity supply

The distribution company DTEK PES Energovuhillya disconnected the enterprise Voda Donbasa from the electricity supply, fulfilling the request of the supplier of the “last hope” Ukrinterenergo. It was reported by the press service of the energy company.

The disconnection occurred because the contract with Ukrinterenergo expired on April 1, and the company did not find a new supplier. In the absence of a contract, the distribution company is obliged to disconnect the consumer’s facilities.

At the request of Ukrinterenergo, the following water utility facilities are already disconnected from electricity: Belokuzminovka pumping station (Konstantinovsky district, Belokuzminovka village) 110 kW Kleban-Byk substation (Konstantinovsky district, Kleban-Byk village) first-lift pumping station, Mariupol .

“To resume the supply of electricity and connect to the electricity grid, Voda Donbasa is obliged to conclude an agreement with a new electricity supplier, which must be informed to the distribution system operator, as well as settled the debt repayment issue”, the press service of DTEK PES Energovuhillya  noted.

It was reported earlier that water utilities are asking for help with the supply of electricity to the NSDC and the Cabinet o0f Ministers. The most critical is the situation with the public utility Voda Donbasa (Donetsk region) and the public utility Aulsky Vodovod (Dnipropetrovsk region), which in total supply water to about 5 million people.

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