The Ministry of Energy: Energy system of Ukraine is ready to work in silos

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, following a meeting of the working group to support the integration of the UES with ENTSO-E, confirmed that the energy system of Ukraine is ready to work in silos.

The meeting was attended by representatives of NPC Ukrenergo, NEURC, generating companies, and industry experts.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the list of generating equipment of power plants prepared by NPC Ukrenergo, which will or can be used during the operation of the power system in silos.

Representatives of generating companies confirmed the technical feasibility of using the equipment composition when passing through the isolated mode.

Also during the meeting, they discussed the dynamics of the synchronization process, the state of implementation of the solutions developed and the key problematic issues that need to be resolved to complete the unification of the Ukrainian and European energy systems.

To recap, the Ministry of Energy has developed a concept for the implementation of "smart grids" in Ukraine until 2035.

As reported, the test operation of the power system in isolated mode is scheduled for the winter of 2022.

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