The Ministry of Energy presented the forecast balance of electricity of the IPS for 2021

Acting Energy Minister Olha Buslavets held a meeting with the management of power generating companies, NPC Ukrenergo, NEURC, and other industry representatives. The main indicators of the forecast balance of electricity for 2021 were presented, the press service reports.

The document was prepared based on power generating enterprises' proposals and taking into account the schedule of the repair campaign of power units of power plants.

Petro Kotin, Acting President of NNEGC Energoatom, confirmed that the forecast balance for 2021 considers the proposals submitted by the enterprise regarding the expected generation at the level of 75.233 billion kWh. So, thanks to the company carried out the repair campaign schedules for 2020-2021 on behalf of the acting Minister of optimization, the expected production volumes of nuclear power plants were increased by 2.9 billion kW (from 72.3 to 75.2 billion kWh). This will improve the state power, generating enterprise's financial condition and contribute to ensuring the sustainable operation of the IPS during the heating period.

Electricity production at TPPs is planned at the level of 41.140 billion kWh. Thermal generation is defined as closing in the balance, taking into account the volumes of regulating capacity required for the power system.

The production volumes of CHPs and cogeneration units following the companies' proposals, taking into account their heat schedule and the actual electricity supply in the current year, are determined at the level of 12.790 billion kWh.

The projected volumes at hydroelectric power plants (5.287 billion) are determined, considering the low water content in recent years. At the same time, after the end of the winter period and understanding, the expected water content in 2021, the production volumes of hydroelectric power plants may be revised upward. The expected output of the PSPs is 1.748 billion kWh.

The forecasted balance provides for the volume of electricity production by solar and wind power plants (13.12 billion kWh), taking into account the restrictions on the generation of solar and wind power plants at the level of 1.5 billion kWh. These limits were calculated by NPC Ukrenergo based on the developed power balances of typical days (work/weekend) for each month of the year, taking into account the projected volumes of new renewable energy facilities commissioning and the reserves required to ensure the balance reliability of the power system.

Simultaneously, the total potential volume of electricity production by renewable energy facilities, which the Ministry accepted in financial and economic calculations to balance the operation of the electricity market in 2021, is 14.9 (14.875) billion kWh.

Electricity imports from Russia, Belarus, and exports to these countries, are not provided for in the forecast balance for 2021.

After approval, the forecast electricity balance of the IPS of Ukraine for 2021 will be made public.

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