The Ministry of Energy has developed a Concept for the implementation of "smart grids" in Ukraine until 2035

First Deputy Energy Minister Yurii Vlasenko during a round table "TSO on the way of Ukraine's energy transition: new challenges, regulatory changes and investment opportunities" said that the Ministry of Energy has developed a Concept for the implementation of "smart grids" in Ukraine until 2035, the press service reports.

The draft Concept, as well as the medium-term action plan for the integrated implementation of smart grids, will soon be submitted for consideration and approval by the Government.

Yurii Vlasenko also drew attention to the recent change of the PSO from commodity to financial.

“The new model does not provide for subsidizing the price of electricity for the population at the expense of OCP funds, and the corresponding special responsibilities are assigned only to state-owned electricity producers. At the same time, within the framework of the JI, the purchase of electricity is provided to compensate for part of the technological losses of the OCP at a price that is now significantly lower than the market price. The corresponding decision, we hope, will allow the OSR to maintain the planned volumes of investments in the development of the network infrastructure to reduce the losses of electric energy in the networks and the SAIDI indicator,” he said.

From the point of view of the Ministry of Energy, within the framework of the TSO investment programs, the lion's share of investments should be directed to the renewal of existing assets and the construction of new power grids with modern automation systems and using smart grid technologies.

“Today, the key challenge in the energy industry is preparing for synchronization with the European energy system ENTSO-E. Accordingly, the stability of the interconnection of networks of Ukraine and Europe will become a prerequisite for the success of the future interconnection of energy markets, the First Deputy Minister summed up.

The infrastructure of electric networks in Ukraine totals 840 thousand km, while the degree of its wear is on average about 50%, and for some operators of distribution systems, it even reaches 70%.

This leads to both an increase in the accident rate in power grids and an increase in the average duration of power outages (SAIDI), as well as significant losses in power grids, which now exceed 10%.


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