The Ministry of Energy approved the new Supervisory Board of NPC Ukrenergo

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, by its order No.327 of December 9, 2021, approved the composition of the new Supervisory Board of NPC Ukrenergo.

The Supervisory Board includes four independent members and three representatives of the state, the press service reports.

What is known about the representatives of the state:

Yurii Boyko

An industry expert with many years of experience in leadership positions in private and public institutions in the energy sector of Ukraine. He worked as Deputy Minister of Energy and interim head of this department in 2020-2021, as well as Deputy Director for Economics and Finance of Energorynok during 2014-2020. Besides, Yurii Boyko has experience in distribution network companies, where he mainly held managerial positions related to the operating activities of companies.

Yurii Tokarskyi 

He has experience in international cooperation with external partners, international financial institutions and donors, including working as an advisor to the Minister of Finance. He was the state representative of the Supervisory Board of Ukrenergo from 2020 to 2021. Developed the direction of cooperation with the Secretariat of the Energy Community in Vienna and implemented projects of economic, energy cooperation and attracting technical assistance. 

Mykhaylo Ilnytskyi 

More than 15 years of experience in the power industry, in particular in the area of ​​distribution system operators PJSC Prykarpattiaoblenergo, PJSC Sumyoblenergo, leading mainly commercial activities of companies in the previous market model. Since 2018, he headed PJSC Chernihivoblenergo during the transition to a new market model. In 2021, the optimization and adaptation of the company's production processes to the new regulation model (RAB regulation) was ensured.

The company also reported that due to the absence of the Supervisory Board during December 1-9, following Part 1 of Article 51 of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies", its powers were exercised by the Ministry of Energy as a shareholder of the company.

The Ministry of Energy, by its order No.322 of December 7, 2021, terminated the powers of Andrii Nemirovskyi and Maksym Yurkov, members of the board of NPC Ukrenergo, starting from December 8.

To recap, the Supervisory Board of NPC Ukrenergo also includes four independent members.

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