The Ministry of Energy: ENTSO-E appreciates the progress of Ukraine in preparation for synchronization

Within a working visit to Brussels, the Minister of Energy of Ukraine met with the Secretary-General of ENTSO-E and the Chairman of the Board of ENTSO-E, the press service reports.

Herman Halushchenko informed the European side about the intensity of work to prepare for the synchronization of the Ukrainian energy system with the European energy system ENTSO-E.

The ENTSO-E management expressed support for the Ukrainian side on the way to synchronization with the European energy system. The parties also agreed on further steps to prepare for synchronization.

“Technical synchronization of the energy systems of Ukraine and Europe is the main stage in the integration of our energy markets. Therefore, a positive assessment of Ukraine's progress is very important at this stage of preparation. I am grateful for the support of our European partners,” said Herman Halushchenko.

To recap, Ukrenergo bought new equipment and saved hundreds of thousands of euros.

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