Two incidents occurred at Burshtyn TPP in one night

On November 28 at 9:20 pm, a hot steam-water mixture and gases were released from the boiler furnace at power unit No.7 of DTEK Burshtyn TPP, as a result of which four employees received burns, the TPP press service reports.

“During the operation of the 7th power unit of Burshtyn TPP, a hot steam-water mixture and gases were released from the boiler furnace due to the rupture of the wall tube on the boiler. Two employees of the Burshtyn TPP who were at this block and two employees of Halremenergo received burns,” the message says.

Their condition is assessed by doctors as stable.

The causes and circumstances of the accident are being established.

Due to the release of the mixture and gas, unit 7 is disconnected from the network. The shutdown of the unit did not affect the heat and power supply of the region.

Now the station operates as part of 7 power units with a total capacity of 1172 MW. Burshtyn TPP coordinates its activities with Ukrenergo. To compensate for the power, unit No. 4 is being prepared for launch.

Also, at night, power engineers liquidated the consequences of smoke on the roof above the boiler of power unit No.8, with an area of ​​2 sq. m. The fire was extinguished before the arrival of the fire and rescue units. There are no casualties. The cause of the fire is being established.

Earlier,  experts announced that they were inspecting DTEK's TPP units due to emergency shutdowns.

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