An emergency shutdown occurred at power unit of DTEK Zaporizhzhia TPP (updated)

DTEK reported that an emergency shutdown had occurred at the power unit of Zaporizhzhia TPP.

“At 11:01 a.m. an emergency shutdown occurred at power unit No.3 of DTEK Zaporizhzhia TPP, the only one that was operating at the TPP at that time. The reasons are being established. The power engineers have begun the start-up operations of power unit No.4. There is no disconnection of consumers,” the message says.

Also, to cover the evening peak in electricity consumption, DTEK is dereserving the frame of power unit No.1 of DTEK Kryvyi Rih TPP and power unit No.10 of DTEK Prydniprovska TPP.

Currently, all DTEK TPPs, with the exception of Burshtynskaya TPP, operate with 1-2 power units.

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