Electricity consumption increased by only 1% last week – Ukrenergo

NPC Ukrenergo reports that during the week of July 20-26, the volume of electricity consumption in the Ukrainian energy system, according to operational data, amounted to more than 2.5 billion kWh, which is only 1% more than during the previous week on July 13-19 (2 , 47 billion kWh).

Average daily consumption on weekdays increased by 2.3% (363.3 million kWh versus 355.2 million kWh). Over the weekend, this figure decreased by 0.9% (346.3 million kWh versus 349.3 million kWh). Compared to 2019, consumption on weekdays is almost 2% less, and on weekends - by 3.2%.

In total, since the beginning of the month, electricity consumption amounted to slightly more than 9.4 billion kWh, which is 6.7% higher than the forecast balance.

The total production of electricity from solar and wind power plants (SPP and WPP) last week increased by 5.4% (to 239.7 million kWh against 227.5 million kWh according to updated operational data), and the daily indicator fluctuated by range from almost 30.4 million kWh (July 24) to 39.7 million kWh (July 22). Most SPPs were produced on July 22 - 30.4 million kWh, and wind farms on July 26 - 14.8 million kWh.

Dispatching commands to limit wind power plants and solar power plants during the week were not given.

In just a week, the share of SPP and wind farms in the structure of electricity production did not change compared to the previous period and amounted to 9%. At the same time, as of July 19 from the beginning of the month, renewable energy sources generated 918.5 million kWh, which is 6.3% more than the value of the forecast balance. At the same time, SPPs were produced by 6.2% more than the forecast, and wind farms – by 11.1%.

The average daily production at nuclear power plants during July 20-26 compared to the previous week remained at almost the same level (189.9 million kWh versus 190.5 million kWh). The total load of the NPPs during the whole week was 8 GW.

According to operational data, the total electricity production of nuclear power plants amounted to 1.33 billion kWh,. The share of nuclear power plants in the total production structure was 52%, which is 1% less than in the previous week.

There were no restrictions on the NPPs capacity by the dispatch center.

As of July 26, there were two nuclear power units in reserve, three are undergoing repairs and another 10 are in operation. Since the beginning of the month, nuclear power plants have produced almost 4.9 billion kWh, which is 5.8% more than the forecast balance.

Electricity production at TPPs during the specified period amounted to 589.8 million kWh against 592.2 million kWh in the previous week. The share of TPPs in production during the last week remained at the level of 23%. Since the beginning of the month, thermal power plants have produced slightly more than 2.4 billion kWh, which is 9.3% less than the forecast balance.

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