Electricity consumption fell by 1.4% last week

NPC Ukrenergo reported that during the first week of the summer of June 1-8, energy consumption in the IPS of Ukraine has not increased despite the easing of quarantine measures in most regions.

The average daily consumption on working days from June 1-5, fell by 1.4% to 351 million kWh compared to the previous week (356 million kWh), which is also 5.5% less than the same period last year (371, 4 million kWh).

On weekends, June 6-8, average consumption was 4.2% lower than on weekends last week – 320 million kWh (versus 334 million kWh).

In general, on June 1-8, 2020, consumption (according to current data) amounted to 2.7 billion kWh, which is 7% less than June 1-8, 2019 (2925 million kWh).

The total electricity production by wind farms and solar power plants increased by 60% from 170 million kWh to 272 million kWh compared to the previous week,

The peak of renewable energy production last week was on June 7 – 41.4 million kWh (solar and wind farms). At the same time, production at SPPs reached the highest rate for the week – 29 million kWh due to clear sunny weather. This day also showed a reduced level of consumption (314 million kWh, which is 15.5% less than that day last year).

It is noted that at 2:00 p.m. (during the period of the largest generation by renewable energy sources), the hydraulic units No.1 and No.3 of Dniester PSP accidentally turned off at the downstream level, the resource of their operation in the pump mode was exhausted, which prevented an artificial increase in the level of consumption.

The coincidence of these circumstances led to the need to give two dispatch teams to unload solar and wind farms in the Dnieper, Western, Southern, Central, Northern and South-Western regions:

  • at 11:44 a.m. – for a total value of 642.94 MW
  • at 2:06 p.m. – for a total value of 1532.32 MW

In general, the share of SPPs and wind farms in the structure of electricity production for June 1-8 was 10%, while over the past week – 6%.

The average daily production of electricity at nuclear power plants increased from 164 million kWh to 167 million kWh compared to last week. In particular, the total load of nuclear power plants has been increased from 6.6 GW to 7 GW since June 1.

The average daily electricity production at hydroelectric power plants on June 1-8 increased by 40% (from 14 million kWh to 19.6 million kWh) compared to the previous week.

Hydroelectric power plants generated 156.8 million kWh on June 1-8, which is 44% more than the forecast balance for June.

Electricity production at TPPs decreased by almost 12% last week (from 890.9 million kWh to 784.4 million kWh).

The share of thermal power plants in the overall structure of production is about 29%.

To recap, Ukrenergo received the right to temporarily suspend (limit) the issuance of technical conditions for the connection of renewables to the grid.

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