A tendency to increase electricity consumption continued last week

NPC Ukrenergo reports that during the week of July 6-12, the amount of electricity consumed in the Ukrainian energy system amounted to a little more than 2.5 billion kWh, while for most of the week there was a tendency to increase consumption.

In particular, the average daily consumption on working days increased by 0.3% (368.2 million kWh vs 367.2 million kWh according to updated data). Over the weekend, this indicator on the contrary decreased by 2.9% (351.7 million kWh vs 362.4 million kWh).

In total, since the beginning of the month, power consumption has amounted to almost 4.4 billion kWh, which is now 8.2% higher than the forecast balance.

The total electricity production from solar and wind power plants (SPPs and wind farms) last week increased by 1.3% (up to 231 million kWh vs 228 million kWh), and the daily ranged from almost 24 million kWh (July 7) to 36 million kWh (July 10).

Most of all, solar power plants produced 31.5 million kWh on July 11 , and wind farms 13.5 million kWh on July 8.

Dispatch commands to limit the wind farm and solar power station during the week were not given.

In just a week, the share of SPPs and wind farms in the structure of electricity production was 9%, while over the previous week – 8%. Moreover, as of July 12, from the beginning of the month, renewable energy sources generated 420.7 million kWh, which is 5.5% more than the forecast balance. At the same time, SPPs produced 9.2% more than forecast, and wind farms – 7.3% less.

The total production at nuclear power plants over June 6-12, compared to the previous week, increased by almost 242 million kWh (from 11.06 billion kWh to 1.3 billion kWh). Average daily generation increased by 5% from 176.4 million kWh to 185.8 million kWh.

The total load of nuclear power plants in accordance increased from 7.4 GW to 7.9 GW. Since the beginning of the month, nuclear power plants have produced nearly 2.2 billion kWh, which is 3.5% more than the forecast balance.

The total electricity production at hydroelectric power stations over the past week amounted to 122.7 million kWh, compared to 167.2 million kWh at the previous week. At the same time, the average daily electricity production at hydroelectric power stations on July 6-12 decreased by 25.8% (from 223.6 million kWh to 17.5 million kWh). The decrease in production at hydroelectric power plants is associated with the end of the rain flood on the Dniester river. In total, from the beginning of July, hydropower plants have generated 240.4 million kWh, which is 51.5% more than the forecast balance.

PSPs produced 30.1 million kWh per week, and from the beginning of the month – 52.5 million kWh, which is 6.8% more than the forecast balance. The total share of hydroelectric power stations and PSPs on July 6-12 amounted to 6% of total production.

Electricity production at TPPs on July 6-12 amounted to 689.5 million kWh compared to 660.5 million kWh in the previous week.

The share of thermal power plants in production over the past week has decreased to 26% (30% last week).

Since the beginning of the month, TPPs have produced a little more than 1.2 billion kWh, which is 0.7% higher than the forecast balance.

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