The level of electricity consumption remained virtually unchanged last week – Ukrenergo

NPC Ukrenergo reported that during the week of June 15-21, the level of electricity consumption in the Ukrainian power system, compared to the previous week, remained virtually unchanged, both on weekends and on weekdays.

The average daily consumption on working days decreased by 0.4% (360.3 million kWh vs 361.7 million kWh). However, this is 6.6% less than in the same period in 2019 (385.6 million kWh).

Over the weekend, average daily consumption decreased by 1.6% compared to the previous week (341.2 million kWh vs 346.9 million kWh).

In general, on June 15-21, 2020, consumption (according to current data) amounted to 2.4 billion kWh.

The total electricity production from wind farms and solar power plants, in comparison with the previous week, practically did not change and decreased by 4.7%, from 188 million kWh to 179 million kWh.

Wind power plants generated 9.3 million kWh on June 18, and solar power plants on June 17 (25.5 million kWh).

Dispatch commands to limit the wind farm and solar power station during the week were not given.

In general, the share of SPPs and wind farms in the structure of electricity production for June 15-21 was 7%, while for the week it was 9%. At the same time, since the beginning of the month, wind farms have generated 137.8 million kWh, which is 9.3% more than the forecast balance, and solar power plants – 507.2 million kWh, which is 7% less than the forecast balance.

The average daily generation at nuclear power plants has not changed compared to last week and amounted to 167.7 million kWh. The total load of the nuclear power plants was stored at around 7 GW. Also, all the time, there were three nuclear power units in reserve, another three continued repairs, 9 nuclear power units were in operation. There were no restrictions on the capacity of NPPs by the dispatch center.

On June 18, NNEGC Energoatom held its first independent bidding in the segment of bilateral agreements, putting up for sale nearly 1.4 million MWh of the base load in the trade zone of the Ukrainian IPS with delivery from June 21 to December 31, 2020. However, according to the company, the auction ended without results.

The average daily electricity generation at hydroelectric power stations on June 15-21 increased by 6.6% (19.7 million kWh) to 21 million kWh compared to the previous week. In total, during this period, hydropower plants generated almost 148 million kWh, and from the beginning of the month – 423.5 million kWh, which is 48.3% more than the forecast balance.

Electricity generation at TPPs on June 15-21 amounted to 805 million kWh, and since the beginning of the month – 2.3 billion kWh, which is 4.6% higher than the forecast balance.

The share of thermal power plants in the overall structure of production did not change compared to last week and amounted to 32%.

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