RNPP commissioned a radioactive waste processing complex

On December 27, 2019, the commissioning of the complex for the processing of radioactive waste of Rivne NPP was completed. This was reported by the press service.

From now on, RAW processing complex is a full-fledged object of RNPP complex. All additional calculations and justifications for the safety analysis provided by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine have been completed. The safe functioning of RAW processing complex equipment and systems was confirmed during the scheduled technological process of RAW processing and it was recognized that the complex for the processing of radioactive waste from Rivne NPP and RAW processing activities comply with the requirements of nuclear and radiation safety.

“There are still many plans ahead that need to be implemented in the form of procedures and equipment, but the processing of radioactive waste to a form suitable for final disposal, from that moment on becomes the everyday tasks of Rivne nuclear scientists”, said the head of the radioactive waste decontamination and radioactive waste department waste Volodymyr Horbunov.

Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) is located in the north-west of Rivne region in the city of Varash. Four power units with a total capacity of 2835 MW are operated at RNPP: unit No.1 (VVER-440) with a capacity of 420 thousand kW since 1980, unit No.2 (VVER-440) with a capacity of 415 thousand kW since 1981, unit No.3 (VVER-1000) with a capacity of 1 million kW since 1986, unit No.4 (VVER-1000) with a capacity of 1 million kW since 2004.

Recall that in September, the capacity of power unit No.3 of RNPP was resumed after a sudden shutdown of the main circulation pump.

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