ZNPP modernizes the control system of standby diesel power plants for the first time

NNEGC Energoatom informs that for the first time a software and hardware complex of automatic control systems for a diesel generator set is being installed at Zaporizhzhia NPP. A pilot modification of the new system is being installed at power unit No.4.

At the same time, similar work is being carried out at power unit No.5 of ZNPP. The measures are being carried out within the framework of the Comprehensive (Consolidated) Program for Enhancing the Safety of Power Units of Ukrainian NPPs.

It is noted that the new software and hardware complex, in contrast to the old one, is built on microprocessor devices, and not on analog elements. It comes with two important new features that were not available in the old hardware. These are majorization and redundancy functions that ensure more reliable and safe operation of power units.

“The scope of design work is very large, because together with the existing control system, the current distribution cabinets, 6 and 0.4 kV sections, primary sensors, a speed controller and a speed relay – the so-called stately package, are to be replaced. The modern software and hardware complex duplicates all responsible teams. The protection and excitation systems are also built on the principle of duplication. When two sets are operating simultaneously, if one fails, the system will remain fully operational,” said Oleksandr Zovdun, senior foreman of the electrical department of ZNPP.

The new equipment for Zaporizhzhia NPP was developed by a domestic research and production association, which produces equipment for nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 reactors.

Earlier it was reported that a repair campaign was completed at Tashlyk PSP.

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