The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission approved the increase in the tariff of Ukrenergo for electricity transmission

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) approved the tariff of NPC Ukrenergo for electricity transmission in 2021 in the amount of UAH 309.8/MWh. This is 28.9% higher than the current tariff (UAH 240.23/MWh) and 1% less than the tariff set for December 2021 (UAH 312.76/MWh).

The Commission made the corresponding decision at a meeting on Wednesday; it will be published on the website to submit proposals and comments for final approval, Interfax-Ukraine writes.

According to the rationale for the draft resolution, the Commission revised the calculations of NPC Ukrenergo, which proposed to establish a tariff for electricity transmission in the amount of UAH 501.03/MWh for 2021, and UAH 91.73/MWh for enterprises of “green” metallurgy.

The revision of the tariff downward is justified, in particular, by the fact that the Commission did not take into account UAH 9.4 billion of compensation for the FIT for industrial renewable energy plants, which is 20% of the forecasted volume of payments in 2021 for produced renewable electricity. The substantiation noted that the law on the conditions for supporting renewable energy generation provides for payment of at least 20% of the volume of the FIT from the state budget.

The approved draft resolution also does not consider the tariff for the enterprises of the so-called “green” metallurgy.

NEURC approved the draft resolution to determine the dispatching tariff for 2021, increasing it by 61.7% compared to the current one – up to UAH 40.04/MWh (NPC's proposal was UAH 87.83/MWh).


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