NACP asked six members of NEURC to provide explanations about the conflict of interest

The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) invited six members of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) to explain the possible violation of the requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest.

In particular, the Head of NEURC Valerii Tarasiuk, members of the commission Olha Babiy, Ruslan Kaydash and ex-member of the commission Oksana Kryvenko were invited to the NACP on November 8-9.

Dmytro Kovalenko and Oleksii Mahda – on November 9-10.

The NACP noted that NEURC members asked to postpone the date to December 13-14, 2021 "given the significant workload of the Chairman and members of NEURC".

"At the same time, NACP notes that the law is uniform for everyone and does not provide for the postponement of the date of the call in due to the desire of the invitee," the agency said.


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