The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission changed the Code of distribution systems

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission adopted a resolution dated 03.12.2019 No.2595 “On approval of Changes to the Code of distribution systems”. It improved the Code and reduced the number of procedures for the provision/receipt of services for connecting customers’ electrical installations to the electrical networks of distribution system operators. This was reported on the website of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission.   

The resolution will resolve a number of issues, the report said. Namely:

 - improve the procedure for connecting electrical installations to electrical networks of distribution systems and business entities that are not distribution system operators;

 - establish a clear procedure for receiving compensation (reducing the cost of connection fees) in case of untimely provision of connection services by the distribution system operator;

 - simplify and regulate the procedure for connecting generating type A electrical installations (up to 1000 kW) located on the roofs and facades of objects;

 - establish the responsibility of distribution system operators in case of exceeding the terms for the provision of services for connecting electrical installations of customers to the electrical networks of distribution systems and complications for operators of distribution systems for the procedure for possible postponement of the terms for providing connection services;

 - introduce a phased payment by the customer of the cost of the service fee for connecting electrical installations to electric networks to reduce the financial burden at the stage of development of the customer’s business;

 - improve the standard application form for connection and standard forms of contracts for standard and non-standard connection to electric networks;

 - improve the mechanism of electrification of the territory subject to complex development, and the procedures for connecting customers’ constructional current collectors;

 - expand the list of information (for customers of connection services) that distribution system operators publish and update on their official Internet websites;

 - introduce obligations for distribution system operators to ensure daily transmission of data on the hourly consumption of electricity by the consumer to the electric energy supplier for subsequent display in the personal account of the consumer;

 - coordinate the norms of the Code with the norms of the Rules of the retail electricity market, approved by the decree of the Regulator dated March 14, 2018 No.312.

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