NEURC revoked licenses of four electricity supplier companies

NEURC cancelled licenses for the supply of electricity from Green Alternative LLC, First Electric Company, Terra VVV, Transelektropostach, as it could not find these companies at their declared locations.

NEURC made the relevant decisions at a meeting on August 12, Energoreforma reports.

“Unscheduled inspections were carried out, as a result of which business entities were not found at the location. The department proposes to cancel the licenses, but given that the debt to NEC Ukreniego has not been paid off, and the actions of these entities may contain signs of fictitious entrepreneurship, we propose to send information about them to the National Police, other law enforcement agencies, as well as to the tax inspectorate so that these entities were taken under control in the context of their business activities ", - explained the need to revoke licenses, member of NEURC Olha Babiy during the meeting of the regulator.

“It’s not only about fictitious activity, it seems to me that there are more signs of fraud, so it is necessary to send applications with a demand to open criminal cases,” commented the head of the NEURC Valerii Tarasiuk.

According to the explanatory notes to the draft resolutions, the companies are absent at the addresses indicated in the licensing files (all - initially in Kyiv), and also did not notify the regulator about the change of location. The commission was also unable to contact their representatives on the announced phone numbers.

At the same time, the total debt of companies to Ukrenergo for imbalances as of the beginning of 2021 is about UAH 61 million, most of all for Terra VVV LLC – UAH 36.8 million.


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