NEURC fined DTEK Kyiv Grids UAH 1.7 million

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission has applied maximum penalties against DTEK Kyiv Grids for violations on the electricity market, the press service reports.

According to the results of the scheduled inspection of DTEK Kyiv Grids, NEURC established that the enterprise committed numerous violations of the requirements of regulations governing the functioning of the electricity market and Licensing conditions for the distribution of electrical energy.

In particular, the Licensee:

  • provided inaccurate information regarding the indicators of reliability (continuity) of power supply, namely, registers of power outages, which are necessary to form the SAIDI indices (average duration of disconnection for each customer due to the fault of the supplier in minutes) and SAIFI (total number of power outages for one customer);
  • did not provide NEURC with documents and information necessary for the fulfilment of its powers and functions by NEURC in the established volumes and within the appropriate time frame;
  • did not comply with certain directions and volumes of use of funds by item of expenditure following the established decisions of NEURC, the structure of the tariff for the distribution of electrical energy;
  • did not comply with the quality indicators of services for the distribution of electrical energy, the list and values ​​of which were approved by NEURC, including general standards for the quality of power supply;
  • did not comply with the procedure for the provision of services for connecting the customer's electrical installations to the electrical energy distribution system;
  • did not complete investment programs for the period that was fully audited following the planned stages, the scope of work and amount of financing under the investment programs approved by NEURC.

Taking into account the significant violations in the activities of DTEK Kyiv Grids and their number, NEURC, during a meeting on April 15, 2021, decided to impose a fine on the company in the amount of UAH 1 million 700 thousand.

Also, NEURC obliged the enterprise to take into account in the Investment Program for 2021 the article "Additional income received from the results of activities in 2019 - 2020" without additional sources of financing in the total amount of UAH 251,943.00 thousand (excluding VAT). If this requirement is not met, the tariff for the distribution of electrical energy of DTEK Kyiv Grids will be revised by changing it downwards by the mentioned amount.

To recap, NEURC cancelled the license for the distribution of gas from Donetskoblgaz.

As reported, the Regulator fined Kharkivoblenergo JSC for excess charging of consumed electrical energy.

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