The National Regulatory Commission adopted new tariffs for “Ukrenergo”, “Ukrhydroenergo” and “Energoatom”.

The Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission adopted new tariffs for NPC “Ukrenergo”, PJSC “Ukrhydroenergo” and NNEGC “Energoatom” at the meeting on December 12 with which they are going to work in 2019. 

NPC “Ukrenergo” tariff will be 5.93 kopecks/kWh. This is 19.3% increase compared with this year. At the same time, the company requested an increase in the tariff to 17.3 kopecks/kWh (almost 2.5 times). The tariff escalation will increase the cost of the electricity transmission service through the main and interstate networks by 16.6% - up to 6 billion 578 million UAH. 

At the same time, tariffs for the sale of electricity for nuclear power stations and hydropower stations were adopted only for the first half of 2019. 

The tariff for the sale of electricity by “Ukrhydroenergo” facilities - the total annual average for hydropower stations and PSH - increased by 2.7%, to 59.15 kopecks/kWh. It is established in the period of January - July 2019.  

At the same time, the average tariff for hydropower stations was raised by 27.8% – to 31.5 kopecks/kWh, while the tariff for PSH was reduced by 17% – up to 266.1 kop/kW per year. The high tariff is explained by the specifics of the PSH, which are one of the main instruments for regulating unbalances.  

“Ukrgidroenergo” has applied for a tariff increase for PHSs to 529.35 kopecks/kWh (65.2%), and for hydroelectric power stations to 56.57 kopecks/kWh (2.3 times compared to the current).  

“Energoatom” raised two issues: the tariffs escalation for nuclear power stations, as well as for hydropower stations and hydro-electric power stations, which are parts of the South-Ukrainian energy complex. 

In the first half of 2019, the tariff for nuclear generation will increase by 1.6% - 56.67 kopecks/kWh, while commodity products (revenue derived from the sale of electricity to the market) will grow by 3.7% - 44 billion 476 million UAH. “Energoatom” proposed to increase the tariff for nuclear power stations to 71 kopecks/kWh - by 30%.  

In the cost structure of the “Energoatom” tariff, the Regulator reduced the volume of costs for the purchase of fresh nuclear fuel to 11 billion 106 million UAH (11.9%), the export of spent fuel should be by 38.2% cheaper, 2 billion 798 million UAH.  

Regarding the hydropower of “Energoatom”, the National Regulatory Commission decided to increase the average annual tariff by 43% (compared to the average expected tariff this year), to 386.63 kopecks/kWh. For the Aleksandrovskaya PSH, the tariff will increase by 38.1% - to 150.22 kopecks/kWh, for the Tashlykskaya HPS - by 40.7%, to 419.63 kopecks/kWh.  

The size of the investment program of NNEGC “Energoatom” for 2019 will be 6 billion 475 million UAH. This is 26.6% more than this year. The investment program for the Tashlykskaya PSH was adopted separately in the amount of 403.8 million UAH, of which 361.8 million UAH was allocated for the completion of the station (instead of 556.2 million UAH, which “Energoatom” had planned). The investment program for HPSs was approved at the level of 13.5 million UAH. The tariff for the production of heat by NNEGC, according to the decision of the National Regulatory Commission, will increase by 5.7% - to 92.05 UAH/ Gcal.  


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