New highly maneuverable capacities will help minimize the wind farm's dispatch restrictions – Kudritskyi

New highly manoeuvrable generation with a quick start makes it possible to reduce the base capacity of thermal power plants, gives more space for the development of nuclear generation, as well as for the development of wind and solar power plants and does not emit harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

On April 21, during the international conference “Wind energy sector of Ukraine: transition from the FIT to market conditions”, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of NPC Ukrenergo, said.

Today, the power system of Ukraine lacks flexible, highly manoeuvrable generation, since it is overloaded with basic capacities, for example, nuclear generation. Also, there is currently a need to keep a certain base capacity of thermal power plants (TPP) in the balance of electricity consumption/production during the day, which allows covering the evening peak of consumption. This circumstance increases the risks of limiting renewable energy sources during the hours of their peak production. The highly manoeuvrable generation will be able to partially replace TPPs while covering consumption peaks and thereby reduce their basic production during the day.

“New highly manoeuvrable capacities with a quick start opens up opportunities for the construction of new wind farms in Ukraine without limiting electricity production. This concept forms the basis of our Report on the Compliance of Generating Capacity, which describes how the power system will look like and what kind of energy mix we expect in it during the next 10 years, as well as what needs to be done to ensure the harmonious development of generating capacities,” said Kudrytskyi.

He emphasized that the growth of renewables volumes was mainly due to a decrease in the share of thermal generation.

“This is undoubtedly a positive trend, both in terms of ecology and in terms of the long-term cost of the energy mix. Indeed, the marginal costs for renewable energy sources, excluding the FIT, are very low, while for thermal power plants this figure is the highest,” he said.

To recap, Energoatom and Ukrenergo have tested ZNPP’s power unit to enter the market of ancillary services.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada supported the certification of NPC Ukrenergo as an independent operator of the transmission system.

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