It is necessary to stabilize the financial situation – expert about the energy crisis

In order for Ukrainian energy to get out of the crisis, first of all, it is necessary to stabilize the financial condition of the energy industry.

This was stated by Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Energy Assembly Ivan Plachkov during a video call in the Energy Club on the topic “Energy in a pandemic”, Kosatka.Media reports.

“And this is possible with these levels of payments. But for this we need to “click” another 5-6 “buttons” that would provide this”, said the expert.

In particular, Plachkov noted that he did not understand why we had been buying electricity in Russia for more than a year.

“Despite the fact that we have more than 2 million tons of domestic coal in our warehouses. I don’t understand why our power plants don’t work, why we don’t burn our coal, why we don’t pay for it, why we don’t pay salaries to power engineers for this electricity, we don’t repair equipment and so on. But we buy high-tech products – electricity”, he said.

This is another step towards overcoming the crisis – to increase production to meet own needs and export electricity, instead of import.

Among other measures that the state should take to stabilize the situation in the energy sector are to prevent non-professional personnel from being appointed to senior positions in the energy sector. Only a minister can be a political figure, Plachkov said. All the rest – deputies, heads of departments, etc. – must be professional power engineers.

Another important step to overcome the crisis is to conduct an energy inspection in the state in order to know exactly what our electricity consumption is, which production, and what forecasts, and in 3 scenarios from optimistic to pessimistic.

According to Ivan Plachkov, the state itself created an imbalance in the electricity market.

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