Pavlyshyn may become the new head of Energoatom

Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Oleksiy Orzhel said that the Ministry considered Pavlo Pavlyshyn as the main candidate for the post of head of Energoatom. He stated this in an interview with BusinessCensor.

“We looked at performance indicators for all nuclear power plants. At Rivne NPP, the indicators were the best. Therefore, we appointed its director Pavlo Pavlyshyn as interim and consider him as the main candidate for the position according to the results of the competition”, said Orzhel.

Also, according to him, the Ministry is preparing for "green" auctions for the sale of electricity from renewable sources. A procedure was developed and agreed with all interested central authorities.

“At the end of January we will propose changes to the law on alternative energy sources and to the law on the electricity market. We did not support the draft law No.2543 on the restructuring of a feed-in tariff, which was proposed by the deputies”, he said.

Recall that in December, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Pavlo Pavlyshyn, Director General of RNPP, as Acting Head of Energoatom.

Before that, the government dismissed the previous head of the company, Yuriy Nedashkovskyy, and the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection named six reasons for his dismissal.

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