The first power unit of Belarusian NPP to be launched in 2020

The physical launch of the first power unit of Belarusian nuclear power plant is planned in January 2020, said Mykhaylo Filimonov, General Director of the station. It is reported by with reference to the BelTA agency.

“A physical launch is expected in January, then other operations, connection to the network”, said Filimonov, quoted by the agency.

The exact date of physical start-up will depend on the timing of the delivery of nuclear fuel and its reception at the station, said Vasyl Polyukhovich, Director of the nuclear energy department of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus.

“We are not chasing any price for launch dates. Safety is first and foremost, and we cannot jump through any stages to please anyone’s expectations. For us, safety is first and foremost”, he said.

Previously, the launch of the first nuclear power unit was planned for 2019, and the second in 2020.

The Belarusian nuclear power plant with two VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2.4 GW is being built according to the Russian project near the city of Ostrovets (Grodno region).

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