Causes of accidents at Burshtyn TPP: the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision’s conclusions

The State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision reported that the accidents at DTEK Burshtyn TPP were caused by erroneous actions of the staff and poor-quality equipment repair.

The State Inspectorate drew up 11 acts to investigate technological disturbances at the power units of Burshtyn TPP, the press service reports.

“According to the results of the work of the commissions, it was established that the main reasons for technological disturbances at Burshtyn TPP are due to erroneous actions of the staff during the operation of equipment and poor-quality repair, which resulted in damage to welded joints and elements of heating surfaces,” the message says.

The State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision will also check power units No.1 and No.8 of Burshtyn TPP, in particular, the state of the ash and slag disposal system.

The State Inspectorate also mentioned that, according to the results of preliminary checks, the main reason for equipment shutdowns is the failure to complete repair work at many TPPs, including Burshtyn TPP.

To recap, on November 28, two incidents occurred at the Burshtyn TPP in one night. In 2021, more than 10 accidents at power units occurred at DTEK's TPPs.

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