Electricity consumption increased last week - Ukrenergo

NPC Ukrenergo reported that during the week of June 9-14, easing of quarantine measures and a significant increase in temperature had affected the level of electricity consumption in the IPS of Ukraine. 

The average daily consumption on working days increased by 3% compared to the previous week (361.7 million kWh compared to 351 million kWh). However, this is 6% less than in the same period in 2019 (385 million kWh).

The growth in average daily consumption was even greater during the weekend – almost 7.5% compared to last week (346 million kWh compared to 322 million kWh).

On June 9-14, 2020, consumption (according to current data) amounted to 2 billion kWh, which is 13% less than on June 9-14, 2019 (2.3 billion kWh).

The total electricity production by wind farms and solar power plants  decreased by almost 31% from 272 to 188 million kWh compared to the previous week.

The highest rate of production by SPPs was on June 11 and amounted to 30 million kWh, and the lowest one was on June 14 – 20.5 million kWh. Wind farms generated a total of 10.7 million kWh on June 10, and 2.7 million kWh on June 14.

The share of SPPs and wind farms in the structure of electricity production for June 9-14 was 9%. At the same time, from the beginning of the month, wind farms generated 110.4 mln kWh, which is 31.4% more than the forecast balance, and solar power stations preoduced356.2 mln kWh, which is 2.1% less than the forecast balance.

The average daily generation at nuclear power plants increased slightly compared to last week from 167 million kWh to 167.6 million kWh. The total load of nuclear power plants during the week was about 7 GW.

Also, there were three nuclear power units in reserve, repairs were continued at three more, and 9 nuclear power units were in operation. The total production of nuclear power plants on June 9-14 amounted to just over 1 billion kWh.

The average daily electricity production at hydroelectric power plants remained almost unchanged on June 9-14(19.7 million kWh) compared to the previous week. In total, during this period, hydropower plants generated 118.2 million kWh, and from the beginning of the month – 275.2 million kWh, which is 44.6% more than the forecast balance.

Electric power generation at TPPs amounted to 689.5 million kWh on June 9-14, and from the beginning of the month – 1.5 billion kWh, which is 2.5% higher than the forecast balance.

The share of thermal power plants in the overall structure of production increased from 29% last week to about 32%.

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