Polish Prime Minister announced a decline in fuel and electricity prices

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented details of the Anti-Inflation Shield, which aims to overcome the consequences of the highest inflation since 2001, Polsat News reports.

The PM announced decisions in three areas:

- Decrease in fuel prices. “From December 20, for 5 months, we will reduce the excise tax to the minimum allowed in the EU, moreover, from January 1, fuel will be exempt from retail sales tax, as well as from emissions tax. I hope that these decisions will reduce the price of fuel by about 20 zlotys (129 hryvnyas) to 28-30 zlotys (181-194 hryvnias), ”he said.

- Secondly, since January, for the three most difficult winter months, a reduction in VAT on natural gas is introduced from 23% to 8%. "This is a tribute to everyone who needs government support."

- Excise taxes on electricity will be completely abolished. “Another direction - from January for 3 months we will reduce the VAT rate on electricity in the context of the termination of price speculation in the market of green certificates. We will apply to change the mechanism for trading green certificates. "

the Anti-Inflation Shield will cost the government about 10 billion zlotys ($ 2.4 billion), and additional funds will come from spending cuts.

To recap the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said earlier that Europe's dependence on Russian gas will increase when the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is launched.

As reported, the construction of the offshore section of the Baltic Pipe has been completed in Poland.

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