The problems of flexibility of the power grid are regulatory – Zinchenko

Increasing the flexibility of the Ukrainian power grid is prevented by regulatory problems.

This was told during a panel discussion about the prospects of introducing storage systems for balancing renewable energy capacities within the framework of the X International Renewable Energy Investment Forum, by head of the municipal energy cooperative “Solar City” Andriy Zinchenko, Kosatka.Media reports.

In his opinion, there are a lot of questions to the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission. In particular, today the Regulator has not approved a single application for a small distribution system.

“The problems are not technical issues, but regulatory ones. Meters, controlled loads, industrial batteries – all this can make the system much more flexible. But we need to take a number of regulatory changes from European and American practice that will make possible business models that they’re offered to increase the flexibility of the power grid because they aren’t available right now. I predict that this model of the so-called market is short-lived - it needs to be changed”, he explained.

Zinchenko also noted that in order for distributed generation to help the system become flexible, a price increase is necessary – the gap between the night and day prices should be significantly smaller. And we need to go to the 4th energy package, to create community energy projects that are semi-autonomous – they would facilitate the task of Ukrenergo, the expert said.

As Kosatka.Media reported, it was also talked at the Forum about the need to create electricity storage systems in Ukraine.

And Bioenergy Association proposed biogas plants for balancing the power grid.

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