The problems are aggravated – an expert about the work of the IPS during quarantine

The problems of the power system are aggravated – the shortage of maneuvering capacities becomes even more threatening for its sustainability. Electricity consumption is reduced, and the operation of renewable energy under these conditions worsens the operation of the power system.

Vice president of Energy Club Ivan Hryhoruk shared his thoughts about the work of the IPS and renewables durind quarantine for Kosatka.Media.

“The operation of hydropower plants is limited by water resources, and there is not enough storage capacity. The whole weight of regulating the balance of production and consumption of electric energy falls to thermal generation, coal usage standards increase, the environment worsens”, Hryhoruk specified.

He noted that quarantine is unlikely to affect the operation of renewable energy sources – they work exclusively in the presence of sun or wind.

“But in the face of changes in the structure of consumption, they will significantly worsen the work of power system – the work of wind farms at night will limit the daily work of nuclear units. Solar energy will do the same in the summer – the need to maintain a minimum load of coal generation to ensure thermal conditions will limit the operation of NPP units”, the expert said.

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