Expensive gas stopped the work of British energy companies

Three UK energy providers - Igloo Energy Supply, Enstroga and Symbio Energy have announced their closure, Angi writes.

Together, the three suppliers served about 1% of buyers across the market, according to UK energy regulator Ofgem.

As a result, 233 thousand customers will have to look for a new electricity supplier. Igloo officials say the company is no longer possible in the current energy retail market environment due to "incredibly high gas prices."

Since the beginning of August, five utilities have already stopped servicing in the country. Because of this, about 1.7 million customers were forced to change suppliers during this time. UK Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Industrial Strategy Quasi Quarteng expects several other companies to go bankrupt this winter.

The energy crisis in the UK has forced the government to think about expanding production. The authorities intend to continue the construction of the Wilfa nuclear power plant (NPP) in Wales, which was stopped in 2020 due to a lack of funding.

As reported, the German company stopped supplying gas to customers due to rising prices.

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