The Verkhovna Rada allowed Energoatom to earn more

The Verkhovna Rada in the second reading voted the draft law No.2233 “On the Electricity Market”. This was announced on Facebook by head of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Public Services Andriy Gerus.

The draft law provides for the prohibition of the sale and/or supply of electric energy imported from Russia under bilateral agreements.

The project also provides for the provision to the Regulator and the government of the authority to set electricity tariffs for TPPs at a level that covers the cost price and allows paying for gas on time.

It is about increasing the share from 10% to 15%, which producing companies will sell on the “day-ahead market”.

“This will allow the market to become more liquid, and Energoatom to work more in free market, increase its income, provide a financial resource for investments and increase wages for employees of nuclear plants”, he said.

The Regulator will also receive the right to set marginal prices for electricity in some market segments in the case of a significant increase in prices.

Ukrenergo will be able to obtain an extension of the license.

Recall that in September, the Verkhovna Rada allowed the import of electricity under bilateral agreements from Belarus and Russia.

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