Rivne NPP starts its work in the new electricity market

To date, three main areas of activity of the Rivne NPP have been distinguished.  This is commercial dispatching, which includes planning (forecasting) volumes of fifteen minutes, hourly, daily and monthly production of electricity for consumption for own needs and for realization on various types of markets.  The press service of the company reports it.

Specialists who are involved in this direction form forecast mock-ups for two days ahead and transfer them daily to Energoatom-Trading (a new specialized separate division that operates in three main markets) and then posting these volumes on a market platform.

The competence of specialists working in this area also includes daily planning, accounting for production and ensuring timely supply of electricity to power the infrastructure of the Rivne NPP.

In particular, RNPP is upgrading and introducing a full-scale automated system for commercial metering of electricity in order to accurately track, record and reliably forecast electricity volumes.

Sales department, which is engaged in this work, is expecting a change.  It will be reorganized into the department of commercial dispatching in the structure of the production and technical service of the RNPP.  The department will include three main groups: planning and accounting, calculation of market electricity and commercial dispatching.

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