The supply of electricity for industrial consumers without an agreement will be terminated since April 1

From April 1, the distribution system operators are obliged to stop the supply of electricity for industrial consumers, for which the National Regulatory Commission was intended to increase tariffs, without an agreement with the supplier. This was reported by DTEK Kyiv Electricity Networks.

 “From April 1, 64 capital-legal entities should be disconnected from the electricity supply. The supplier of the “last hope”, Ukrinterenergo, a state-owned foreign economic activity company, officially informed the distribution system operator DTEK Kyiv Electric Network. It is likely that distribution system operators throughout Ukraine received similar letters. According to information on Ukrinterenergo website, its customers are more than 1.300 organizations throughout Ukraine. Among them are water utilities, heating plants, state-owned enterprises and state mines”, the message says.

Among the companies, which will be disconnected are Dovzhenko film studio, several enterprises of Kyivpastrans, House-Service 19, the plant Mayak, Center of the State Land Cadastre (administers the database of all lands), Kyiv Scientigic-Research Institute of Hydrodevices.

The supplier of the “last hope” did not have the right to refuse to conclude a contract and is obliged to provide electricity supply services, but not more than 90 days, so, from January 1 to April 1, according to the law on the electric energy market.

If within three months the customer has not chosen his electricity supplier and has not entered into an agreement with him on market conditions, the supplier of “last resort” has to stop the electricity supply to the consumer.

In December 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed SOE Ukrinterenergo as the supplier of the “last hope” throughout Ukraine.

On January 1, 2019, the electricity market reform came into force in Ukraine. Enterprises, organizations, institutions whose contractual capacity of electrical installations exceeds 150 kW, had to select their electricity supplier by December 11, 2018 and conclude an agreement with it on market conditions. Companies that were left without a supplier in the new market, according to Art.64 of the Law on the Electricity Market and the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, automatically become customers of the supplier of the “last hope”.

Source: elektrovesti

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