“Energorynok” launches electricity auctions in a test mode on January 15

Test auctions is launching for new segments of a wholesale market “the day-ahead” and intraday markets.

“Operator rynka” branch of a state-owned “Energorynok” launches a software complex XMtrade®/PXS in a test mode on January 15, which will assure a work of new segments of a wholesale market “the day ahead” and intraday markets. It is reported on the website of a company.

A software complex is developed by SFERA,a.s.

State-owned “Energorynok” started a preparation of upcoming works of two separated from it structures in 2018 – the Market Operator and the Guaranteed customer, which are essential to enable the functioning of competitive wholesale electricity market.

The entrance to a new software complex is carried out through the website: https://test-scmo.oree.com.ua/, using login and password, which provide to authorized personnel of market participants for access to the AIS “Imitation model of the day-ahead market”.

Launching of a new wholesale electricity market model is going to be on July 2019 pursuant to Act “On electricity market” of April 13, 2017. It is suggested to shift from work on the "united customer" model to a full-scale competitive market, which provides for bilateral agreements between producers and large consumers. Within six months, “Energorynok” is obliged to allocate branches (the Guaranteed Customer and the Market Operator), which must be transformed into separate enterprises within two years from the date of adoption of the Act.


Source: er.gov.ua

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