Shmyhal: Ukraine begins a large-scale renewal of energy grids

For constructing a new 186 km long transmission line to Kakhovska substation, credit funds were used to reduce the burden on the share of the electricity transmission tariff. At the same time, the decision on RAB-tariffs adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers and NEURC allows, starting next year, to implement such projects in Ukraine more actively at the expense of the grid owners Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said during the grand opening of the line.

“Ukraine is starting a large-scale renewal of the electricity and power grids. According to preliminary calculations of Ukrenergo, NEURC within the next 8 years, thanks to the RAB-tariff introduction, it will be possible to restore that 50% of the worn-out power grids that we have. This is an important work that directly affects the energy independence and energy stability of our state,” Shmygal said.

As a reminder, on December 23, 2020, a new 186 km power transmission line to Kakhovska substation was launched at Zaporizhzhia NPP site.

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