Slavyanska TPP suspended work

Slavyanska TPP (Donbasenergo PJSC) suspended its work due to the suspension of gas distribution by Donetskoblgaz and the small reserves of imported anthracite. It is reported by Business Censor.

Last Friday, Donbasenergo noted that the Slavyanska TPP would stop its work on July 12, since there was only two days left of imported anthracite at the station.

Recall that NEURC, based on the analysis of the situation regarding the cessation of gas distribution to Slavyanska TPP by Donetskoblgaz, indicated that Donetskoblgaz should cancel the accrued cost of exceeding the annual capacity of Donbasenergo.

Earlier it was reported that Donbasenergo reported a threat to the cessation of production and supply of electricity to the IPS of Ukraine from Slavyanska TPP due to the fact that on July 1, 2020, Donetskoblgaz stopped the distribution of gas to Slavyanska TPP.

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