The weighted average price for electricity on DAM in January is 1,424.98 UAH/MWh

The weighted average price of electricity accepted on the day-ahead market in January 2020 amounts to UAH 1,424.98/MWh. This is 15.01% more than in December 2019. This is stated in the monitoring of markets, which is conducted by SE Market Operator.

The weighted average price in January increased by 16.4% and amounts to 1,405.86 UAH/MWh in the IPS of Ukraine, in Burshtyn TPP – 1,719.3 UAH/MWh, which is 7,03% more than in the last month of 2019.

The weighted average price in January 2020 increased by 1.39% and amounts to 1,277.05 UAH /MWh on the intraday market.

The price in the IPS of Ukraine, compared to December 2019, increased by 0.45% and amounts to 1,262.36 UAH/MWh, in Burshtyn energy island - 1,401.9 UAH/MWh. This is 9.58% more than the price of December 2019.

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