The total export of electricity for 8 months of 2020 exceeded import by 1.6 times

NPC Ukrenergo reports that the export of electricity for 8 months of 2020 exceeded import by 1.6 times and amounted to 2.98 billion kWh, showing a further upward trend. At the same time total electricity export is still 26% lower than last year compared to the same period in 2019 (for 8 months of 2019 – 4.032 billion kWh).

In particular, the export of electricity increased by 1.3 times and amounted to 171.4 million kWh in August compared to July.

Poland has the largest share in total export – 66%. In August, export to Poland amounted to 113.47 million kWh and was almost at the level of July. Export to Hungary grew by 3.7 times in August (up to 16.54 million kWh), Belarus – 2.9 times (up to 34.9 million kWh) and Romania – 1.6 times (up to 5.8 million kWh). At the same time, the share of export to Belarus increased to 20.4%. Electricity supply to Slovakia in August decreased by 35% and amounted to 0.68 million kWh, which did not significantly affect the positive trend of export growth.

The import of electricity for 8 months amounted to 1.817 billion kWh and is growing slightly due to an increase in import to the trading zone of Burshtyn TPP Islands. The import of electricity to the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine from Belarus has not been carried out since May, and from Russia since April 2020.

Import of electricity increased by 1.8 times in August compared to July, reaching 38.58 million kWh, and was carried out exclusively to the trading zone of Burshtyn TPP Islands. Import growth by 80% was recorded in all directions. In particular, from Hungary – 18.82 million kWh, from Slovakia – 15.54 million kWh, from Romania – 2.23 million kWh.

It should be noted that there has been a tendency towards an increase in the volume of export and import of electricity since July in Ukraine. This can be explained by the activation of external electricity markets, a gradual increase in consumption and the adaptation of countries' economies to work under quarantine conditions.

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