CHPP in Kalush were transferred to municipal property – Gerus

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine transferred the Kalush CHPP from the state to the municipal property of Kalush city. This decision was made, not including it in the agenda of the government meeting. It was announced by Andriy Gerus, the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Already after the Prime Minister announced his resignation, at a past non-transparent government meeting, it was decided to remove the Kalush CHPP from state ownership (and a decision was also made on special state assistance for this CHPP). The CHPP is transferred to the municipal property of Kalush city, where the current minister, Nasalik, was previously the mayor of the city”, he said.

Якби ж то винесли тільки телевізори. Вже після того, як прем`єр-міністр оголосив про свою відставку, на минулому...

Posted by Andriy Gerus on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Gerus admits the possibility of transferring CHPP to private ownership “for free”.

“Kalush CHPP is a fairly large power generation facility and in fact the only generation facility and the only buyer of coal in the Burshtyn Island/in Western Ukraine does not belong to DTEK (at least for now)”, adds Gerus.


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