An employee of Khmelnytskyi NPP was tested positive for coronavirus

The press service of the Khmelnytskyi NPP reported that one of the employees was tested positive for COVID-19. It is noted that the man, after leaving the next vacation, performed his duties from April 13 to April 17, 2020, on April 18 his health worsened. On April 21, he was taken to the infectious ward of the hospital in Netishyn.  

On April 25, a coronavirus was confirmed after a PCR test.

Now Khmelnytskyi NPP is disinfecting the places where the infected person was, and all those who came into contact with him were sent to self-isolation. They plan to conduct tests for coronavirus. The press service added that a total of nine workers are on sick leave.

Recall that quarantine was introduced in the city of Energodar, as two employees of Zaporizhzhia NPP were tested positive for coronavirus.

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