Ukraine and Germany signed a joint Energy Partnership Statement

During a working meeting between the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Olha Buslavets and the Federal Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmaier, a joint intergovernmental statement was signed between Ukraine and Germany on the start of an energy partnership, the press service reports.

Ukraine and Germany agreed to strengthen cooperation on the integration of Ukrainian energy markets into ENTSO-E, increasing the level of energy security, decarbonization of the economy, exchange of innovations in energy technologies and implementation of joint projects in the development of green energy, digitalization of energy infrastructure and creation of a modern energy system.

“The signing of the joint Statement is the beginning of a new level of dialogue between Ukraine and Germany in the energy sector. I am sure that this will become an impetus for the implementation of new strategically important projects to reform the coal industry and transform coal regions, develop renewable energy, in particular hydrogen and its integration into the network, increase the use of energy efficiency technologies in all sectors of the economy, ”Olha Buslavets said.

The parties intend to promote energy transformation, exchange the best practices of government policy in the field of energy, improve conditions for private sector investment in sustainable energy.

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