Ukraine and Italy deepen cooperation in the energy sector

Ukraine is ready to expand bilateral cooperation with the Italian Republic in the energy sector and to develop areas of cooperation of mutual interest for both countries.

This was discussed during the meeting of Acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine Olha Buslavets and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Ukraine Davide La Cecilia, the press service reports.

“I see a significant potential for the development of cooperation in the energy sector, in particular in the development of renewable energy sources, as well as the introduction of the latest energy technologies. I hope that as a result of our meeting we will be able to start a new level of dialogue between Ukraine and Italy in the energy sector, which will become an impetus for the implementation of new projects that are strategically important to enhance energy security, ”said Olha Buslavets.

 She noted that the integration of the energy markets of Ukraine into the EU markets and the introduction of the most approximate legislative and regulatory conditions with the EU legislation was the strategic goal of our state.

“Synchronization of the IPS of Ukraine to ENTSO-E is a priority and strategic direction of Ukraine's European integration aspirations in the electric power sector,” she said.

Olha Buslavets announced the prospects for introducing a new competitive model for supporting the production of electricity from alternative energy sources. She also assured that the state will continue to fulfill its obligations to investors.

Separately, the head of the Ministry focused on the development of hydrogen energy. “This is a promising area of ​​renewable energy, and we expect cooperation with foreign partners and the attraction of technical assistance in the implementation of key measures for the development and integration of hydrogen technologies, which, in particular, will include the development of a hydrogen concept and the implementation of pilot projects,” Olha Buslavets said.

In addition, Ukraine pays considerable attention to the issues of diversification of natural gas supply routes from the EU countries. At the same time, work is underway to study the issue of supplies of liquefied natural gas from the terminals of European countries, as well as to develop solutions for the development of LNG infrastructure.

To recap, Ukraine and Germany signed a joint statement on energy partnership.

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