Ukraine increased electricity imports by 13%

Electricity import volumes in August increased by 13% compared to July, the first month of the new electricity market model.


Over two months of the new electricity market functioning, a total of 586 million kWh of electricity was imported into Ukraine, the press service of NPC Ukrenergo reported.

Therewith, electricity imports in August grew by 13.4% to 311.4 million kWh. Of this volume, in August, 164.8 million kWh of electricity was supplied to Burshtyn TPP Island: 147.3 million kWh from Slovakia, 17.5 million kWh from Hungary.

The remaining imports – 146.6 million kWh – were carried out from Belarus.

The total volume of electricity export from Ukraine since January 1 amounted to 4 billion 32.8 million kWh. Whereas 981.8 million kWh was sold in 2 months of new market operation.  

In August, electricity export amounted to 490.1 million kWh. In particular, 330.8 million kWh was sold from Burshtyn TPP island to the EU countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania), to Poland – 108.8 million kWh, Moldova – 50.5 million kWh.

It is believed that an increase in the share of electricity imports will increase competition in the electricity market (despite price caps), which so far is only adapting to work in the new model.



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