Ukraine needs an energy storage system – Ukrenergo

With the rapid development of renewable energy in Ukraine, the problem of balancing the power grid has also grown. The creation of an energy storage system will help to solve it.

This was told in a panel discussion about the prospects of introducing an energy storage system for balancing renewable energy capacities within the framework of the X International Renewable Energy Investment Forum, by chief manager of Ukrenergo Vitaliy Zaichenko, Kosatka.Media reports.

He explained that our power grid is now one of the least flexible in the world. In addition, although the new electricity market began to work, it did not begin work on all segments – in particular, the ancillary services market does not work, which should ensure the flexibility of the power grid.

“There is a significant increase in electricity generation. Previously, wind and solar stations accounted for about 1% of generation, this year it is already about 3.5%. And most importantly, these power plants are stochastic in nature. At night, when the minimum consumption is critical, the balancing system is critical, and when the wind stations deviate by 300 MW in one hour – and it’s very difficult to balance. It is the need to balance very quickly why we need security measures that can help the system in this situation. And renewable energy development is a major stimulus for the development of storage system”, he said.

 According to Zaichenko, Ukrenergo expects an increase next year by 1600 MW in solar power plants, and 500 MW in wind power plants. But TPPs will gradually reduce their capacity.

“We expect that capacities will be built by 2025 that will ensure the flexibility of the power grid. We understand that nothing will happen in 2020-2021. But we need to work out proposals for the government, the Regulator and the Verkhovna Rada – how these accumulation systems should be integrated into the economy state rules of the market”, summed up the representative of Ukrenergo.

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